Ultimately, creating consistent, original and highly competitive ideas requires people. If you like my work and like to connect, let's get in touch, ok?

At its best, design and advertising can be an art form, at its worst, visual pollution. When done right, it's capable of informing, entertaining and inspiring change, I believe it can have enormous economic value as well as having a hugely positive impact on many people's lives.



You don’t need to see a process-flowy-chart. Those things are a trick. My process is more human. I read the brief. I fully submerge myself in the product. Then I forget it all and let it percolate. I never brainstorm but always collaborate. I write down words first. I almost always sketch before turning to a screen. I pursue the ideas that are true to the nature of the product, get noticed and stay in peoples hearts. The best ideas are the ones that scare me a little. I share them all.



I’m quite inspired by collaboration so my most influential people are usually the one sitting across from me. Outside of that, other inspirations are Terry Gilliam (for his perseverance), Hayao Miyazaki (for his imagination), Tomer Hanuka (for his colour and form), my Fuji x-e1, vintage maps, a fresh Pilot G-TecC3, ghost signs, my Washburn cut-away, the smell of oil paint, a smooth bourbon and a hoppy brew, a visit to the hardware store, new music, other people’s sketchbooks, and (it’s corny but true) my daughters. The stuff that comes out of their heads completely fascinates me to no end.



I have worked with a number of leading advertising and design agencies over the past twenty years. Whether it’s taking the lead on a project at the outset and helping put together a team of independent strategists, writers and developers or dropping into an existing creative team, I am confident I can make a difference to the final product. My ideas come to life in many forms: corporate identities, print collateral, advertising, web design, email campaigns, packaging, films, exhibition design, motion graphics, RFP documents.



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