Just a quick follow-up to GDC/BC BBQ Working Drawings entry. Here some further progress pics of me painting the final graphic on mylar with BBQ sauce.


To paint the BBQ sauce, I used Q-tips and some small brushes but most was done with the edge of a small spoon. The smell was pretty strong, I guess from the vinegar in the sauce.



After shooting the sauce painting, I added smaller sketched text digitally. Carefully cloning reflections and pushing some stuff around.


Poster printing generously donated by Hemlock. Thank you Amy Gibson and Doug Climie for an awesome job. 4-c plus white on Via Vellum Kraft, 70# Text. Paper from Brenda at Spicers. Thank you all. So fine.


Vector version done up for t-shirt.

Ink Draw-Downs

Spied these on my last press-check at Hemlock Printers. They're not exactly draw-downs but little ink smears that are part of the mixing process. Hemlock has a pretty sweet in-house ink lab. These were just lying around so I grabbed them. A big part of what they do is science but man, these are undeniable works of art. Accidental art? Maybe not. Judge for yourself.