So it Begins

Welcome to all visitors to my first true blog!

As you can imagine, I'm excited about the relaunch of It's been a long gestation. Finally shedding off all that flash. Everything in this new site is fresh work as I've grossly neglected my previous site and have not updated it for years.

What surprised me however, is how psyched I am to have a proper journal. I've been mapping out the possibilities of what can go in here. I've indicated the essence in the top banner. I also will post "Work in Progress" entries and highlight the latest on my landing page.

Also on the landing 'hello' page, I will highlight what I'm calling "The Undead", which will be posts that are killed concepts and/or undervalued creative. A creative crypt. Up until this time I've always collected that stuff and filed it with the intention of utilizing it in another project but in all my career I've never done that. So, instead, I will post it and share the experience. Maybe it will ignite something in a project you're working on.